Farm N’ Kettle – Fresh Hop Pale Ale


A clean, classic American pale ale finished with a medley of fresh hops at knockout. The backyard blend of Nugget, Golding, Cascade, and Mt Hood from the brewer’s farm give this ale a citrusy and herbal aroma with a bite reminiscent of chewing a hop flower straight from the bine.

Fresh Install – Fresh Hop IPA

Fresh Install is an unfiltered fresh hop IPA showcasing Strata hops added in the whirlpool. It greets you with a dank, herbal, cannabis-like aroma carrying touches of tropical fruit and strawberries. The fruit comes on strong in the flavor along with some zesty pine notes from a dose of Warrior hops added early in the boil. Refreshing, aromatic, and bright like only fresh hops deliver.

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