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  • Fresh Hop Beers Now Available!

    Farm N’ Kettle – Fresh Hop Pale Ale


    A clean, classic American pale ale finished with a medley of fresh hops at knockout. The backyard blend of Nugget, Golding, Cascade, and Mt Hood from the brewer’s farm give this ale a citrusy and herbal aroma with a bite reminiscent of chewing a hop flower straight from the bine.

    Fresh Install – Fresh Hop IPA

    Fresh Install is an unfiltered fresh hop IPA showcasing Strata hops added in the whirlpool. It greets you with a dank, herbal, cannabis-like aroma carrying touches of tropical fruit and strawberries. The fruit comes on strong in the flavor along with some zesty pine notes from a dose of Warrior hops added early in the boil. Refreshing, aromatic, and bright like only fresh hops deliver.

  • Beer Tasting & Coloring Contest at Uptown Beer Co.

    Join the fun Thursday, September 2nd for a beer tasting at Uptown Beer Co. We’ll be sampling our beers on tap including the new @Wit’s End & Heat Dome cold pale ale. Swing by at 6pm for tastings and a coloring contest featuring our original beer labels!

  • Fresh Hops Are In!

    It’s that time of year and we got our hands on some fresh Strata hops from Crosby Hops Farm! Stay tuned to see what we do with them…

  • White Hat vs. Black Hat Beer Release & Tasting

    Next week we’ll be canning our newest IPA: White Hat vs. Black Hat, a West Coast & Hazy IPA duo using the same hops! We’ll have this beer available in cans and on tap and will be at Uptown Beer Co, Thursday July 29th for a special release and tasting!

  • Binary Celebrates 3 Years!!
    Join us at Uptown Beer Co. Friday, June 25th – Thursday July 1st to celebrate our 3rd Year Anniversary!! Try our new 3rd Anniversary Pale Ale and enjoy for only $4 all week! Thanks for all the support these past 3 years and we look forward to starting year 4 off with friends!
  • Cycle Light Beer Release Party
    Come enjoy Cycle Light, our new collaboration beer with Ridgewalker Brewing and Ground Kontrol Arcade, Monday July 5th!!! From 5-8pm Ground Kontrol is having a special beer release party with games, prizes, and of course, beer! We hope to see you there!!!

  • We just dropped two more beers in cans!

    It’s BürgerTime! So excited to drop this SMASH ale made with our best buddies @rdburgershop . Crisp, hoppy and begging for a burger this El Dorado ale is as fantastic as it’s label. available today @uptownbeerco and at fine beer retailers next week.

    We’ve all been there, on the wrong side of a one sided conversation. Deep copper in color with heavy notes of caramel on the nose, this surprisingly dry and balanced red gives you the malty notes you are looking for without being too heavy.


About Us

The Portland area has a long history of beer and technology. Our team brings together experience in both so we chose a name that reflects those two roots. Our goal is to bring start-up excitement back to the craft beer market – developing new beers and revitalizing classic styles for modern tastes. Frequent “beta beer” projects on tap at UptownBeer Co. give our customers direct input into our efforts. We love collaborations with other breweries and amateurs alike to spread the excitement and skills beyond our own walls.

Contact is currently located at UptownBeerCo. at 6620 SW Scholl’s Ferry Rd, Portland OR 97223

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